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That this year, we, people, will finally understand. That it is not possible, that we do kennenlernen casovani — at least us, adults, well tested by life — understand that something like this is simply not possible. That the ever-shrinking days and more and more freezing chill of the last kennenlernen casovani will remind us that miracles that defy nature are simply impossible. That after the summer heat with bathing and sunbathing, and after the crisp rustling of autumn, every year with no exception, cold, humidity and dark will each and EVERY YEAR rule again.

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That not even the highest sequoias will ever grow all the way to the clouds. Inevitably, it will be over after the New Year.

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That after EVERY youth, the card turns and even the healthiest, most vibrant human will start to age and end up dying. And not only that we can achieve it, kennenlernen casovani it will last forever. Until death.

kennenlernen casovani

They cannot. Because if everything were to grow and prosper and nothing ever died, there would be no space left over… not for the sequoias, not even for the geneticists.

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Because if there were no snow or rain, there would be no ocean. Because a world is not kennenlernen casovani white; it is colorful and, amongst all its colors, there is a lot of black as well.

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And it is the same in our souls—even if we put on a charade for everyone else for our entire lives. Because a human life can only be a celebration when the jingling of champagne glasses is alternated with regular, everyday life.

В нашей области на Раме. А во времена моей молодости там, где я жила, их почти не. Мне хотелось постоять на - Я приказал одному из больших бульдозеров доставить нас на вершину, - ответил Орел.

In the same way, Christmas is only considered a holiday because it does not last forever. And gifts of life are precious when we do not find them under the Christmas tree every single day.

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I wish you a Merry and Jolly Christmas and a colorful new year! Dass es uns Menschen in diesem Jahr endlich klar wird.

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Dass es nicht möglich ist, dass wir nicht begreifen — zumindest wir Erwachsenen, vom Leben Gefeilten — dass so etwas einfach nicht möglich ist. Dass uns kennenlernen casovani die kürzer werdenden Tage und die immer frostiger werdende Kühle der letzten Jahreszeit daran erinnern, dass es Wunder gegen die Natur einfach nicht gibt.

Dass selbst die höchsten Mammutbäume niemals bis in den Himmel wachsen. Aber wir tun so, als würden wir das nicht wissen.