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Agyptologische Abhandlung, vol. DM paper.

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The present work represents the first systematic study of the so-called Horus-on-the-crocodiles stelac, excluding statues guerisseuses, which are nevertheless acknowledged and mentioned in passing where relevant. The work is remarkably non-polemical, because the jon hamm dating january jones regards these frequently encountered works of art as expressions of cyclic rejuvenation.

She begins her exegesis with a group of stelae representing the god Shed, redating those with Amarna contexts with good reason to the Ramesside Period.

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In so doing, she places these stelae into the context of emerging personal piety, a subtext to which she continues to return, and associates them with the god Amun. Via an elaborate set of conceits flirtmaps kostenlos of the polyvalent nature of ancient Egyptian religious tenets, she demonstrates how text and images on these stelae are associated with an extraordinary transformation of the god Osiris into the god Amun.

jon hamm dating january jones

Such a transformation would then appear to stand at the beginning of a tradition which received its fullest expression during the Roman imperial period, when some coffins make manifest in their design, texts, and decoration this same transformation.

These associations were pioneered by theologians of the Ramesside period, and must be regarded within the broader landscape of Ramesside innovation in other spheres.

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Here and later in her discussion of the stelae created during the fourth to third centuries B. In this specific instance, the accommodation is further blurred by the continuing debate about the chronology of the Third Intermediate Period.

This period is marked by other advances in the funerary arts, including high levels of technical refinement achieved in the process of mummification. Be that as it may, the period did witness intensive formulations of solar hymns, 8 and the remarkable manifestation in the visual arts of what is commonly but erroneously termed the "Bes-mask" as a hypostasis of the god Amun.